Event Videos and Streamings

A selection of recent Society for Dance Research events have been live streamed and recorded so that members can have access to them beyond the event itself. We hope members/non-members will utilise having them as a resource.

Nightlife and Queer Utopias – Saturday 23 Feb 2019 at V&A Museum

The LGBTQ dancefloor has long been celebrated as a utopian space to express identities and desires. But London’s club scene has undergone a worrying transformation in recent years, with over 50% of venues closing. While the Mayor of London has pledged to safeguard LGBTQ club culture, is enough being done to defend – and revive – the dancefloor? Join our panel as they discuss why nightlife matters and what more needs to be done to reinvent the scene in London and beyond for everyone on the LGBTQ spectrum.

Cold War Politics and the Modern Arts – Tuesday 30th April 2019 in collaboration with Roehampton University Dance Department

This two-part research forum explored key political perspectives on dance and other modern arts during the Cold War, taking a global approach through an in-depth investigation of salient case studies and intersections in the United States, South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The invited speakers will illuminated their research and discussed possible synergies or divergences between each other’s work. Then, the discussion opened to include the audience and give opportunity for Q&A.

A selection of videos from the Dance in the Age of Forgetfulness Conference 2018

What does dance bring to the current historical moment, rife with all its crises? Current political crises are characterised by a move to the right and include the resurgence of nationalism and fascism. War and conflict are causing humanitarian crises, including the mass displacement of people, which is met with a degree of indifference and inadequate response in the West. Crises also continue to exist on an environmental and economic level, with the two seemingly at odds with one another.