The Society for Dance Research is an internationally focused, British-based non-profit society that supports and develops scholarly interests in all forms of dance through seminars, conferences, performances, and publications. Our journal, Dance Research, is addressed to scholars and practitioners working within the many disciplines which constitute dance studies, providing an international forum for the presentation and discussion of contemporary dance research.

ELECTIONS for the Executive Committee: 

The Society for Dance Research invites nominations for the Honorary Officer positions of Secretary, Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor, as well as for vacant Ordinary Member positions on the Executive Committee. Regular meetings of the Executive Committee (4 per year) will be held virtually; attendance is expected at the annual Away Day in London (held virtually in 2021), and funding to support travel will be available where needed. The term of membership on the Committee is three years.
We particularly encourage nominations by scholars of colour, as well as other underrepresented groups and scholars outside of the UK.
Please submit your nomination and a brief biography by Friday 22nd of January to societydanceresearch@gmail.com. Nominations need the support of two members of the Society for Dance Research who should be copied in. Please state for which position you would like to put yourself forward.
Nomination checklist:
– Your Name
– Position for which you would like to put yourself forward (Secretary, Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor or Ordinary Member)
– Names of two members of the Society for Dance Research who support your nomination (copied in)
– Brief biography
We look forward to hearing from you!


Moving Offstage Symposium report – by Vicky Hunter, University of Chichester
The event was organized by the University’s Dance Department in collaboration with the department’s newly launched ‘Dance Studio Theatre’ initiative – an Arts Council funded venture that aims to promote and develop dance programming and production from under represented groups. Vicky Hunter and the Dance Studio Theatre producer, Becca Thurston, worked together to compile a programme of talks, workshops and performance that explored a range of approaches to moving and dancing in non-theatre contexts. The event was attended by twenty participants in the studio space and around sixty online participants via Zoom.

Click here to read the report in full

After receiving a large amount of applications, The Society are pleased to announce the recipients of this years Ivor Guest Research Grant.

Stefan Jovanovic
Alejandro Wolbert Perez
Anna Kirakowska
Ruth Philips and Christina Fulcher
Sinibaldo De Rosa

Click here to read about their research projects

Sharing the research of dance scholars:
On Access (or lack of)
 by Erica Charalambous, Centre for Dance Research Coventry University
School of Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

What would we be without our archives and who would we be without insight into our history? Afterall “we are what we keep; we keep what we are”, as archivist Terry Cook so eloquently emphasizes when he highlights the important role that archivists and archives have in determining our social, political and cultural history (Cook 2011). In addition, Cook highlights the necessity to rethink that maybe “we are what we do not keep” because certain archival content equally worthy of appraisal and inclusion is not part of the hegemony of institutional archives. Dance content is amongst the lesser archived materials in comparison to the other Arts such as Theatre, Music and Visual Arts, and thus harder to find and make use of what is kept and preserved in an archive or archival collections. To make matters more complex access to such archives is often limited either due to the absence of catalogued material, the limited amount of content one can view in short time visits and the challenges of archival mediation; assisting with access to archival collections and mediating between users and material both on site and online (Duff 2010).

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Black Lives Matter – Solidarity Statement

The Executive Committee of the Society for Dance Research wishes to express solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and people of colour around the world suffering under structures of systemic racism, white supremacy, inequality and oppression.

We recognise we have further work to do to embed anti-racist practices in our work to advance the field of dance research. As a starting point, we commit to prioritising the work of dance scholars of colour for funding and support and to addressing the underrepresentation of BAME people on the Executive Committee.

We welcome any suggestions for action from members and others who engage with the Society through different channels.

The Executive Committee of the Society for Dance Research


The Society for Dance Research are collecting information about Dance in HE. This includes creating a directory of BA/MA/PHD level programmes which are currently running (both in the UK and internationally)

We are aiming to gather all this information into one place so that there is a resource for those looking to study on a dance programme. It should also help us see exactly what is still available in this changing landscape.

If you would like your programme to be included in this please email societydanceresearch@gmail.com

Please send in the following format:
– Title of course /level
– Short Description
– An image
– Direct contact/programme leader
– Website

Call for events reports/papers
The Society for Dance Research would like to encourage members to share their writing and research through the Society. If you are undertaking your own individual research which you would like to share or would like to write a report on one of the Society for Dance Research’s events, email us at societydanceresearch@gmail.com to share your thoughts. 

Click here to find the conference reports in the Society for Dance Research online archive



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