Dance in Dialogue: Book Series

Description of the Series  

Dance in Dialogue critically explores the intersections between Dance, Performance, and other disciplines. It fosters interdisciplinary approaches, cross-disciplinary exchanges, and conversation as a mode of knowledge production. Supported by the Society for Dance Research and Bloomsbury Academic, the book series will challenge the ways in which scholarship has traditionally been represented and disseminated, and offer new ways of interrogating dance and articulating its concerns and relation to other disciplines and to the cultural and socioeconomic context in which it is created, presented, and theorised.  

To realise this vision, Dance in Dialogue offers two distinct publication formats via its two strands: 

1.    In Conversation: Dance and… 
A collection of short books that emerge from curated conversations between dance (in its widest conception including an expanded sense of the body, embodiment, and the choreographic) and another discipline, area of research, field of knowledge or practice on topical issues. Written by leading thinkers who critically explore how the one area of knowledge and practice offers insight into the other and vice versa, these approximately 40,000-word books typically develop out of international conversation events and are published within approximately a year after them. 

2.   Moving forwards
A collection of cutting-edge and forward-thinking, full-length monographs and edited collections that challenge understandings of dance and the body(ies), foster dialogue and interdisciplinarity, and critically explore the relationship between theory and practice.

About the Series Editors  

Anita  Gonzalez (Ph.D. U of Wisconsin, 1997) is Professor of Theatre, Chair of  Dance, and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at the University of Michigan. Gonzalez is co-editor of the new Dance in Dialogue series at Bloomsbury Press. She edited Black Performance Theory with Tommy DeFrantz and her monograph Afro-Mexico: Dancing Between Myth and Reality is the result of a research fellowship in “Race, Politics, and Performance” at University of Texas at Austin. Her recent essays about maritime performance have been published in Theatre Research International and The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Theater. 

Katerina Paramana (Ph.D. University of Roehampton, London) is an artist-scholar and Lecturer in Theatre and Performance at Brunel University London. Paramana is co-founder and co-editor of the interdisciplinary book series Dance in Dialogue (Bloomsbury Press)Her research is concerned with the socio-political and ethical dimensions of contemporary performance. Her performances have been presented in the US, UK, and Europe. Recent publications include ‘The Animation of Contemporary Subjectivity in Tino Sehgal’s Ann Lee’, ‘On Resistance through Ruptures and the Rupture of Resistances’, and ‘Re-Turning to The Show’, with Performance Researchjournal, and ‘The Contemporary Dance Economy’ with Dance Research journal ( 

Victoria Thoms (Ph.D. Institute for Women’s Studies, Lancaster University UK) is Research Fellow at the Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE), Coventry University. Her publications include a monograph looking at Martha Graham from a feminist perspective (Intellect 2013) as well as articles in Dance Research Journal, European Journal of Women’s Studies, Research in Dance EducationWomen: aCultural ReviewModernism/Modernity Print Plus and Dance Chronicle (forthcoming). Before her move to co-editor of the book seriesDance in Dialogue with Bloomsbury Press in 2018 she was the Chair of the Society for Dance Research in the UK for seven years. 

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How to submit a proposal 

To submit a book proposal, please download the appropriate Word form for either the In Conversation or the Moving Forward strand of the series. After completing the form, please email it to