About Us

The Society for Dance Research (SDR) offers stimulating events, conferences, workshops and publications.

Since 1982 we have been working to foster and promote the quality and scope of dance scholarship in the UK and to provide an international forum for diverse dance interests covering a broad range of dance forms and dance-related issues.

With our activities, we aim to:
–         advance research into all forms of dance and performance internationally
–         stimulate discussion and exchange through meetings and other activities that support dance research, including practice-led
–         encourage the preservation of archives, collections and important source materials

The SDR’s journal Dance Research is published twice yearly. For more information please visit the Dance Research page.

Executive Committee

The Society for Dance Research Executive Committee is made up of internationally-recognised dance scholars and professionals interested in advancing the study and appreciation of all forms of dance.


The Constitution of the Society for Dance Research can be downloaded here.


Members of the Society for Dance Research embrace a wide cross-section of the dance world: scholars, critics, dance artists, lecturers, teachers, students, librarians, archivists and interested dance-goers.

Members come from both the UK and overseas and their interests span all forms of dance and associated disciplines, such as philosophy, anthropology, history, as well as artistic fields such as theatre, music, visual arts, design and literature.

To become a member of the SDR, please visit the Join Us page.

Support Us

As a charitable organisation, the SDR is pleased to accept bequests, gifts, donations and contributions to support its aims in furthering wide-ranging research in dance.

For further information on how you can support us, please contact us at: societydanceresearch@gmail.com


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