Dance in Dialogue Book Series Announcement

Editors Anita Gonzalez, Katerina Paramana, and Victoria Thoms are pleased to announce the launch of the new book series Dance in Dialogue with Bloomsbury Publishing. Dance in Dialogue critically explores the intersections between dance, performance, and disciplines such as critical theory, law, psychology, women’s studies, visual cultures, gender studies, history, cultural studies, social theory, language, geography, political economy, philosophy, history, ethnography, anthropology, and sociology. It fosters interdisciplinary approaches and conversation as a mode of knowledge production. The focus is on the spaces in between and the affordances and potentials of contemporary dance and performance, practice as research, screen dance, ballet studies, and popular and community dance when brought into dialogue with other disciplines. Dance in Dialogue is an initiative developed with the support of the Society for Dance Research.

The series will offer two distinct, but symbiotic publication formats: a collection of short books emerging from curated conversations on topical issues in relation to the field, entitled In Conversation; and a collection of book-length monographs and/or edited collections, entitled Moving Forward.

The editors are very interested to discuss your ideas and hear about possible projects. Please contact us via