In Conversation

A collection of short books that present radical thinking emerging from curated conversations between the body(ies) / performance / dance / choreography and another discipline, area of research, field of knowledge or practice on topical artistic, cultural, and political issues. Written by leading thinkers (artists and scholars) who critically explore the insights the different areas of knowledge and practice offer into one another, as well as the affordances, potentials, and implications of these insights for the contemporary world, these approximately 40,000-word books typically develop out of international conversation events and are published within approximately a year after them. 

Current titles in series

Performance, Dance and Political Economy: Bodies at the End of the World By Katerina Paramana and Anita Gonzalez (eds.)

Dance, Architecture and Engineering By Adesola Akinleye

Published by Bloomsbury Academic, click here for information on how to purchase
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