Dance, Diaspora and the role of the Archive

Saturday 17 September 2016, 10:00-17:30
University of Bedfordshire: Bedford Campus, Polhill Avenue Bedford MK41 9EA

in association with State of Trust and Rimap (University of Bedfordshire)

State of Emergency - Dance for Life (1991). Photo by David Corio

Key Note: Professor Christy Adair
From warehouse boxes to digital platforms: the transformation and application of dance archives

Presentation: Deborah Baddoo MBE
The Black Dance Archives Project

This one day symposium will explore the concept of the dance archive with particular reference to dancers and dancing of diaspora communities. As the field of dance research has expanded, the significance of archives and archival practices extend beyond concerns of recovering memory, providing avenues through which to investigate questions of authenticity, tradition and ownership. Archives are constantly in flux, open to interpretation, and can increase the visibility of the invisible.

Symposium and Lunch Registration Information:
Symposium only – Non Members: £15* / Members of SDR, Strategic Alliance for Black Dance and students: Free*
(Does not include lunch/refreshments)
*Lunch & refreshments – £15 per person*
(Registrations for lunch should be made by 7th September)

Conference schedule:

9.30am                    Registration

10am                         Welcome and introductory remarks

10.15-11am              Professor Christy Adair

From Warehouse Boxes to Digital Platforms: The transformation and application of dance archives

(11-11.15 comfort break)

11.15 -12.45                Deborah Baddoo (MBE)

Introducing the Black Dance Archives Project — Reflections upon initial stages

Carl Campbell, Greta Mendez and Sheron Wray – Artists’ Experiences of the Archival Process (Deborah Baddoo, Chair)

Jenny Williams – Perspectives on Black Leadership in Archiving

Q&A from the floor

12.45-1.45pm              Lunch and Interactive Poster Presentation (starts 1.15pm)

Friederike Frost – Interactive Poster Presentation – The Cultural Code in Breaking – An interactive reflection on afro diasporic dance Breaking/”Breakdance” as cultural coded movement culture

1.45pm – 3pm             Panel 1: Dance Archives and Diasporas

Gustavo Fijalkow – Whose Story is it Anyway?

Sandie Bourne – A Place in the Archives: Documenting Black British Dancers in Ballet

Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel – Diasporic Connections to the Ballets Russes

(3-3.15-comfort break)

3.15 – 4.30pm              Panel 2: Dancing and the Archive

Sasi Del Bono – The Notion of the Archive as Depending Upon Performance with Specific Reference to For now (2014)

Mariel E. Meléndez Mulero – Vogue, Agency and the Archive

Jane Turner – Waving to the Past, Whilst Signalling to the Future: Working with archives as part of complex systems

4.30 – 5.30pm            Artists’ Panel and Plenary

Alexandrina Hemsley, Jamila Johnson Small, Yasmin Foster, Zinzi Minott – Moving the Past into the Future – Current perspectives from the next generation

Leading into Final plenary

Photo: State of Emergency – Dance for Life (1991). Photo by David Corio.

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